My gifs aren't animating in the camera roll / Photos app!

Fear not! Your gif's animation data is still intact even though the iOS "Photos" app seems to only show the first frame of the gif animation. You can verify this by opening the Photos app, tap the share button, then tap "Mail" to share the gif via email. After the "New Message" screen appears, you'll see your gif animate in the body of the email message. When you're done viewing the gif, simply tap "Cancel" and delete the draft.

Indeed it's quite sad that it still isn't possible to view animated gifs in Apple's "Photos" app. This hasn't worked since iOS 1.0! Over the years I've submitted several bug reports to Apple and I encourage other developers to do the same, but it seems Apple has bigger and better things to fix. Let Apple know you'd like this feature by contacting them here:

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