Giffer Basic Use

The basic gif creation flow in Giffer goes something like this:
  1. Open the app and tap the " + " button in the middle of the bottom toolbar.
  2. Tap the camera's red shutter button for every frame you'd like to appear in the animation. For example, tap the shutter 10 times for a 10 frame animation. You'll notice the frame thumbnails appear toward the bottom of the screen, above the control bar. You can also tap and hold your finger anywhere on the main camera screen to record in burst mode. New frames will continue to be captured as long as your finger is held down. The small grey boxes below the frame thumbnails show the total amount of frames you've captured. Due to gif file size, memory usage, and speed concerns, Giffer limits animations to 40 frames. Giffer Pro has an 80 frame limit.
  3. Tap the green play button (in the bottom right of the screen) to preview the animation. You can adjust the speed by dragging the slider control that appears above the frame thumbnails after playback begins.
  4. Tap the green check mark button in the top right of the screen. Giffer will compile the GIF file and bring you to the share screen. Toggle the social networks you'd like to share to, and/or send a text message or email by tapping the corresponding button.
  5. Tap "finish" to save the gif to your Giffer library and push it out to all of the selected social networks. If you have "save gifs to camera roll" enabled in Giffer's settings (it's on by default), your gif will also be saved to your device's camera roll.*
* Photos app note: Animated gifs won't animate in Apple's "Photos" app but the gif animation data is still intact. To verify this, share a gif from the Photos app by email. As long as you choose "original size" if/when prompted, you'll see your gif animate on the "New Message" screen. If your GIF file size is over 10mb the camera roll will remove the animation, only saving the first frame.

* Tumblr note: Tumblr limits animated gif "Photo" posts to a 3mb file size. But fear not! If Giffer detects that your GIF is over this limit, it will instead be uploaded to and then posted to tumblr as an embedded image.

Hopefully this helps you get started with Giffer. There are a ton of other features for you to explore once you have the basic usage down.

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