Why is a giffer.co URL required when sharing to tumblr?

Tumblr limits animated GIF posts to 1mb in file size. If you attempt to share a GIF that is over 1mb* to tumblr as a photo post, tumblr discards the animation information and only shows the first frame.

If Giffer sees that the GIF you're sharing is over 1mb, the GIF will be uploaded to giffer.co and shared to tumblr as an "external image." Most free image sharing services (imgur, imageshack, tinypic, and the like) also limit animated GIF file size. I think high quality GIFs deserve to be seen, so I decided to include animated GIF hosting at no extra cost. However, with great power comes great responsibility! Giffer's terms of use differs from tumblr's with regard to what's considered acceptable to share. If you haven't yet, please read Giffer's terms of use.

* "But I can share animated GIFs up to 2mb to tumblr!" That is true only for direct uploads through tumblr's web site, not through the tumblr API, which apps such as Giffer have to use.

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